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Best Hemp Beer: 6 Tasty Brews to infuse with CBD using CBeerD

man pouring hemp beer into glass outside on a table

Ever since Cannabidiol (aka CBD) became federally legal in 2018, the amazing hemp-derived compound has exploded in popularity in the United States. Naturally, The Hemp beer industry has thus exploded – with a variety of businesses releasing non-alcoholic CBD brews. Long Trail Brewing, Ottos, and Two Roots Brewing have all released CBD beer with no alcohol that are being enjoyed nationwide. 

However, the alcoholic hemp beer industry has not nearly grown – mainly due to the fact that many state’s Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Divisions. This has made breweries skeptical to make alcoholic CBD beer until the FDA releases concrete regulations. Currently, these beverages are not nearly as accessible as their non-alcoholic Hemp counterparts. 

Well, what do you do if you want an CBD beer with alcohol? Is it possible to find a CBD brew anywhere in the United States?

If so, where can I find it and how do I get it immediately?

Luckily, there’s great news – it’s actually easy! With a new type of specialized CBD mixer, you can easily add quality, highly-effective American hemp to any beer of your choice. Even better, it only takes a few seconds to do.

Continue reading, and I’ll share how to add CBD to your beverage and 6 beers that are amazing to do it with.

How do I make a Hemp Beer?

When you using a specialized hemp mixer like CBeerD, your beer will become a delicious CBD brew in a matter of seconds. 

The three steps to making a Hemp beer are:

  1. Open your CBD mixer and pour it into your beverage of choice
  2. Take a few seconds to let the beverage infuse, like in this video, and stir your drink for a moment to ensure proper infusion.
  3. Lift your newly alcoholic Hemp beverage, and enjoy the amazing attributes that come with consuming CBD.


Picture of CBeerD 30mg and 60mg and 100mg strengths with a delicious CBD-infused pale ale beer

The three CBeerD strengths, pictured above, make for an incredible CBD-infused pale ale


The standard dosage of CBD that we use in your drinks is a 30 milligram Single Shot of Hemp. However, you could easily increase or decrease that amount depending on how much CBD you’d prefer to enjoy.

For example, CBeerD also comes in a 60mg Double Shot. Additionally, for the personal looking for the maximum Hemp experience, CBeerD also offers a 100mg Triple Shot to infuse in their beverages. In general, just know that the higher amount of milligrams, the more enhanced effect that you will receive from your CBD beverage.

New to CBD? Not sure which strength you would enjoy the most? We recommend starting with a smaller amount to access how it effects you. Of course, at the time of writing, you can make trying a few Hemp brews simple by ordering an intro sample pack of each strength for just $9.99.


What are the best CBD beers?

In all honesty, the best CBD beer should be decided. Since you can easily make any brew a Hemp beer using a product like CBeerD, the possibilities are infinite. However, I’ve found that these 6 beers are some of the best to enjoy with CBD.

1. Thomas Creek Brewery – Trifecta IPA

If you live in the southeast United States, you’ve probably heard of Thomas Creek. I grew up near this brewery in Greenville, SC and thoroughly enjoy their Trifecta IPA. This full-bodied American IPA is absolutely incredible on it’s own, but adding CBD makes the beer-drinking experience delightful. If you can get your hands on this beer, this hempy beer concoction is an absolute must-try.

2. Leinenkugels Spritzen – Pineapple Strawberry 

Three Bottles of Leinenkugel Spritzens

I know, Seltzers definitely aren’t beer – but the new Leinenkugel’s Spritzens are an absolute must-have during the summer.  Whether you’re at the beach or in your backyard, these light and crisp beverages are easy to crush throughout the entire day. When you add CBD, these changing your Leinenkugel into a Hemp Spritzens take relaxation to a new level. 

Are you also a fan of Seltzers? Check out the 6 Seltzer brands that you must try with CBeerD.

3. Great Notion Brewery – Jammy Pants

Have you seen this Portland, Oregon based brewery on Instagram? This famous brewery has incredible can designs – and the taste of their beers are even better. Give their Jammy Pants IPA a try with 100mg of CBD – trust us, you won’t regret it.

4. 420 Strain G13 IPA – Sweetwater Brewing

Sweetwater G13 Strain IPA with a glass and can

This very-publicized, delicious IPA from Sweetwater Brewery is an obvious first choice when people delve into exploring Hemp beer. Adding a Double-Shot of CBD certainly takes this brew to an entirely new level – as you’ll get to enjoy the full-scope of the benefits of CBD in a beer already optimized with Hemp flavor. This beer is sold nationwide – making it easy to give this Sweetwater/CBeerD combination a try.

5. Victory Brewing – Sour Monkey

This nationally-recognized sour tripel is another beer we recommend to try infused with CBD. While all sours are the ideal partner with Hemp, this one stood out to me because it’s distributed nationally and is high-ABV. This beer is a perfect nightcap – and infusing a healthy dose of CBD makes it into one of the best Hemp beverages you can choose.


6. Toppling Goliath Brewing – Pseudo Sue Pale Ale

Pseudo Sue Toppling Goliath Beer Logo

Pseudo Sue Pale Ale is one of the top rated brews in the country. It’s crisp, hoppy taste makes for a perfect vehicle for your helping of CBD. Each sip will have you relaxing in your seat, mesmerized at the amazing flavors you’ll enjoy from both the beer and the CBeerD. Keep a 30mg Single-Shot handy in case you find this beer at your local taproom or bottle shop. This combination is a must-have for any beer aficionado!

How can I start enjoying Hemp beers?

Luckily, all you need is two ingredients – beer and CBD!

The best place to easily stock up on Hemp mixers is by visiting your local bar or liquor store and asking for CBeerD (are you a business owner who hasn’t tried CBeerD? Click here). If CBeerD isn’t in your area yet, it’s easy to load up on Hemp shots by visiting the CBeerD website.  

After your Hemp shots are in hand – just choose the beer of your choice and enjoy the amazing attributes of the CBD in your favorite beverage. Which brews are the best to infuse first? Choose a few from the ones above and let yourself be the judge on which beer-style you most enjoy as a Hemp-infused beverage. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Ready to infuse your next beer with CBD? Click here to order the best CBD mixer on the market.

Featured Image courtesy of Poura Vida (IG: @pour_a_vida)





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