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5 Reasons Why CBD Cocktail Mixers are a Must-Have For Your Bar in 2020

Variety of Cocktails made with CBeerD the CBD Cocktail Mixer

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If you haven’t noticed – CBD has absolutely exploded in popularity across the United States and the world. CBD (aka cannabidoil), which is a non-psychoactive chemical compound derived directly from the hemp plant, can be found in just about everything since it was legalized in the USA a few years ago. 

One industry that has embraced and become well-immersed with the benefits of CBD is the alcohol industry. Several breweries have introduced CBD-Infused brews and many taprooms nationwide are using innovative hemp products to add unique CBD drinks to their menu. Even better – thanks to a few innovative companies – you can easily mix and enjoy your own “hazy” cocktails right from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a few good reasons why I believe CBD Cocktail Mixers are an absolute no-brainer addition to your bar.


Extra Relaxation In Your Drink

We’ve all had those days where our post-work cocktail isn’t quite enough to soothe the soul from less than favorable events. If that’s you, a perfect CBD-infused cocktail might be calling your name. Studies have found that hemp has the ability to help users maintain relaxation – and enjoying 60mgs of CBD with your nighttime gin n’ tonic definitely makes for a perfect nighttime treat.

Mixes well with most spirits

Assuming you are using a CBD product specifically made for mixing into cocktails, there’s a safe bet it’s going to taste great in just about everything. Whether you’re making Vodka Martini, a Julep, or even a margarita – CBD is going to infuse seamlessly and compliment your delicious cocktail creation.

CBD fits in even the simplest of drinks

Is making complicated beverages not your style? Prefer a simple, no-frills beverage? CBD can definitely be a part of even the simplest of drinks. For example, I enjoy 30mgs of CBD in my regularly-scheduled Titos-and-soda. When you add hemp, it makes even the simplest drinks amazing. Best Cocktail Mixer ever? I think so….

Drinks with CBeerD CBD Cocktail Mixers

Cocktails, pictured here, soon to be infused with delicious 100% USA-Sourced Hemp

CBD-infusion has lots of visual appeal

Not only does a cocktail with CBD feel good and taste good; watching it infuse can be pretty awesome to watch. While most CBD products (such as most tinctures) rise and solidify in cocktails – there’s a few that are formulated to infuse and enhance your drink. CBeerD, for example, is a CBD Cocktail Mixer that has a beautiful, very visible infusion process. Want to see it for yourself? Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Makes for a great party favor

With CBD being such a new category – you have the opportunity to be your social-group’s pioneer of this golden age of cocktails. Drinks, such as a hemp-infused strawberry & jalapeño margarita, definitely is sure to amaze your party-guests. While a larger amount of CBD might be better to enjoy after your guests , a light hemp-infused cocktail certainly leads to some interesting and exciting conversations.

CBeerD Cocktail Mixer in Purple Background

CBeerD Hemp Shots, pictured here, infuses instantly with just about any cocktail .

Which CBD Cocktail Mixer is the Best? 

While there’s several on the market, the one that I believe really stands out from the pack is CBeerD. CBeerD is 100% USA-Made and everything about it is created with alcohol-enthusiasts in mind. If you want peace of mind that your enjoying a high-quality, premium hemp-mixer with your favorite drink – you can rest easy when you choose to infuse your cocktail with CBeerD. 


What is the coolest CBD cocktail creation you’ve come up with? Share your stories in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

BY: Josh Mynatt

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