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Offering CBD in your Bar or Taproom: 3 Easy Ways to Start.

Bartender making a cocktail infused with CBD

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Since federal legalization in 2018, CBD popularity is obviously growing at a rapid pace (predicted to be a $23.7B industry by 2023). With this kind of success, it’s hard for other industries not to notice – and businesses are capitalizing on this new phenomenon. As a decision maker or owner at a brewery or taproom, you’re probably asking yourself “how do I effectively implement adding CBD products to my drink menu?”

Assuming you aren’t based in a one of the few states that still hasn’t accepted CBD (looking at you, Idaho) – the solution to adding this wonderful plant compound to your menu is actually easier than you might think

 Selling beverages that are pre-infused with CBD is generally frowned upon. However, an easy way to work around that issue is by offering a stand alone, separate CBD mixer that either your bar staff or customers can separately add to their beverage.  These premium mixers, such as CBeerD -The Original Hemp Shot, give taprooms nationwide the flexibility and options to start offering CBD in a way that best fits their business model. With that in mind, I’m listing out 3 easy solutions for your bar or taproom to start offering your patrons CBD

1) Infusing ANY beverage on the menu with CBD, upon request.

This is the quickest, easiest way most businesses can start selling CBD. All it requires just adding promotional materials around the bar or restaurant – like putting up signs or writing it on a chalkboard. Simply advertise “infuse any drink with CBD – ask your bartender” and let your patron’s creative mind come up with which beverages they’d like to try with hemp. If you start seeing trends in their decision making, then you can use that data to create specialty items down the road. if you use CBD in single-serve containers, you could even have your customers CBD-infuse beverages themselves – creating a unique bar experience they’ll certainly never forget!

This is an example of a sign your bar could put up near the bar to advertise CBD as an option.

2) Creating specialty CBD cocktails

This is probably the most creative and crafty way to sell CBD, because it’s taking certain aspects on the first idea and making them better. By creating a specialty  hemp-infused drinks (example here), you are guiding customers into making a decision to purchase a drink you believe the majority of your customers will enjoy – increasing the chance they’ll reorder similar cocktails in the future.

This takes the potential of CBD to a whole other level because it is no longer just an “upsell” for a beer or cocktail, but its now it’s own separate beverage that sells entirely on its own merit. Although just adding CBD into any drink you offer is delicious and effective, having a specialty cocktail list is definitely a way to guide consumers into making a decision to give CBD a try.

3) Creating ” CBD beer mixes” with select brews on-tap

Combined with certain aspects of option 1 and option 2, it could be effective to have some beers that are kept in stock often that you specially market to be mixed with CBeerD. For example: CBeerD mixes great with dark beers, so attempting to sell it mixed in with Guinness can be successful because people will likely order Guinness anyway. You can also find popular Pale Ales and IPAs like Lagunitas that you’ll find infuse perfectly with water-soluble CBD products

If you’re willing to put in the creativity to comes with creating drink-names along with a little marketing effort to make people notice them (which CBD providers like CBeerD can help with)  – this strategy for selling CBD could prove to be an absolute hit. 

Picture of CBeerD 30mg and 60mg and 100mg strengths with a delicious CBD-infused pale ale beer

If you’re considering adding CBD to drink menu, then CBeerD (pictured here) should be on your radar. 

Which brand is best for offering CBD at my Bar, Taproom, or Brewery??

To best sell CBD in your taproom, I strongly recommend choosing a water-soluble product that dissolves and infuses in any drink. Well-known product categories, such as Tinctures, will rise to the top and float in the beverage. This creates a much less favorable experience. 

A brand that has formulated a CBD product designed 100% for alcoholic beverages is CBeerD (get it? C – Beer – D?). This product is 100% USA-Made and uses the absolute best-quality hemp. It also has the branding designed to succeed anywhere that alcoholic beverages are sold. CBeerD also sells their product in single-serve, 4mL bottles – so your customers know exactly how many MGs of CBD their consuming every time they order.

To learn more about selling CBeerD, click here.


Final Thoughts

2020 is the absolutely best time to start offering CBD in your bar, as it appears this amazing botanical product will continue to get more popular for the considerable future. If you follow any of the tips above, you’ll have no problem implementing CBD offerings and create a new-age drinking experience that will surely make a lasting impact on your customers.

Do you sell CBD in your bar, restaurant, or brewery? Let us know about how you started offering it to your customers in the comments.

BY: Josh Mynatt

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