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Double Shot | 60mg


NOTICE: The 60mg Double Shot has been discontinued and is no longer sold. CBeerD is now only sold in one, amazing strength. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NEW CBEERD. 


Great for unwinding with your after-work beer or cocktail.

CBeerD Double Shot has a multitude of positive effects that keep you feeling awesome. It’s the median strength of products we offer at CBeerD – perfect for those who know the CBeerD experience but do not want the intensity of the Triple Shot.

Ingredients: 100% USA-Made Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, PG-Carrier Oil

CBeerD Double Shot 3-Pack which is the best CBD mixer in the United States
Double Shot | 60mg

NOTICE: The 60mg Double Shot has been discontinued and is no longer sold. CBeerD is now only sold in one consolidated strength. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NEW CBEERD. 


Infuse any alcoholic beverage with hemp using the best CBD mixer on the planet!

The CBeerD Double Shot contains 60 milligrams of High-Quality, 100% USA-Made Full-Spectrum Hemp.  CBeerD the best CBD mixer because you instantly make any beer, drink or cocktail of your choice into a hemp-infused drink. The Double Shot is the perfect choice if you’re looking for medium effects when using CBeerD.

We believe CBeerD is the best CBD mixer in the world. Moreover, it is absolutely the best option to add to any alcoholic drink – mainly due to the way it instantly infuses in any beverage. Click here to read an in-depth review of this beer expert’s experiences using our CBeerD in an IPA.

The 60mg Double Shot is medium strength. Compared to other CBeerD products, the Double Shots are perfect for those familiar with Hemp products but do not want a more intense CBD experience. Alternatively, some of our other options include our 30mg CBD Single Shot and our 100mg CBD Triple Shot. The Single Shot is ideal for those new to CBeerD. Triple Shot is ideal for looking for the maximum, high-dosage CBD drink experience. You can even buy all three Hemp Shots in our variety packs. No matter what – once you try CBeerD, you’ll quickly learn why it’s the best CBD mixer on the internet.

Why should I use CBeerD?

CBD has a multitude of benefits. In particular, the Double Shot great for unwinding with your after-work beer, glass of wine, cocktail, or even tea. It also adds delicious, but extremely light earthy taste to your drink – but many say they don’t notice it. Furthermore, our 60 mg Double-Shot of CBeerD is the best way add some calmness and bliss in your beverage – but not with the enhanced feel of the 100mg.

Want to enjoy multiple CBeerDs in a single day? Feel free to enjoy as many as you would like – as it is perfectly okay to enjoy as much CBD as you choose. However, we absolutely recommend to please.drink responsibly. Whether or not you are enjoying a CBeerD infused alcoholic drink, your safety is our #1 priority.

CBeerD fits with just about any beverage. Many of customers say CBeerD is the best CBD mixer when it is infused with: Double IPAs, Pale Ales, Hazy IPAs,  Porters, Imperial Stouts, Hard Seltzers, Gin Beverages, Vodka Drinks, and any other cocktail made with clear spirits.

What makes CBeerD the Best CBD Mixer?

CBeerD is a small, family-owned business – we got into the business because we saw a need for this product, and you can rest assured you’re supporting a small business who cares about it’s customers when you shop with CBeerD. We make all of our products are made using 100% American-Made Ingredients. CBeerD is also gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO.   As you should expect, CBeerD is also always 3rd party lab tested. We do this ensure that we’re always providing safe and reliable productsAny questions? Feel free to email with any questions you may have – we’re available during regular business hours.

Ingredients: 100% USA-Made Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, PG-Carrier Oil

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How to use CBeerD


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Frequently asked Questions

What is CBeerD?

CBeerD is a 4mL full-spectrum  shot that instantly infuses any beer, wine, or cocktail with a powerful 100mg portion of Full-Spectrum CBD (just under .3% THC)

Does CBeerD contain alcohol?

CBeerD does not contain any alcohol. CBeerD is designed to pair with most alcoholic beverages.

Can CBeerD be used in any beverage, or just beer?

CBeerD can be used in absolutely ANY beverage. Beer, soda, wine, sports drinks, water, and more! If you drink it, you can add CBeerD to it.

Is CBeerD safe?

Yes! CBeerD is made with 100% safe and top quality hemp, and food safe ingredients (propylene glycol). CBeerD, in and of itself is a completely safe product. However when mixed with alcohol, you should not use CBeerD while, or before operating heavy machinery, such as driving a car. Please hemp and drink responsibily.

Is CBeerD safe for those with health conditions?

While we have designed CBeerD to be as safe as possible, we ask those with health conditions to speak with their doctor before using CBeerD. As CBeerD uses an all natural hemp extract, there are typically no worries, but please talk to your doctor before use if you have any health condition. 

How will I fare with a drug test if I take CBeerD?

While highly, highly unlikely that you would fail a drug test, use your best judgement. Taking CBeerD does not 100% guarantee that you will pass a drug test. We encourage you to use your own judgement on whether or not CBeerD is right for you.

What does CBeerD taste like?

The CBeerD team specially designed CBeerD to enhance any beverage. When added to your beverage, CBeerD will add a slight, earthy hemp flavor. While the flavor change will be different depending on the beverage you mix CBeerD in, we have formulated CBeerD to be virtually tasteless besides a slight hemp taste.

What beer styles taste great with CBeerD?

Hemp is a cousin of hops - so CBeerD pairs perfectly with all hoppy beers. The hoppier the beer, the less apparent the slight CBeerD-taste is in your beverage. CBeerD also pairs well with super carbonated drinks like seltzers. People also enjoy pairing CBeerD with high-gravity beers like Imperials Stouts.

While you can infuse CBeerD into any beer, we recommend these style for the best experience:

IPAs, Hazy IPAs, Black IPAs, Double IPAs, NE IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Pale Ales, Hazy Pale Ales, Strong Ales, Hard Seltzers, Hoppy Seltzers, Hoppy Pilsners, Imperial Stouts.

Which type of cocktails pair well with CBeerD?

Obviously tastes vary person-to-person, but the consensus is that CBeerD pairs best with cocktails mixed with clear or light spirits.  Examples of these are vodka, gin, tequila, and white rum. 

The great thing about CBeerD is you can easily infuse it in popular cocktail styles like margaritas, gin martinis, Juleps, and more!

Want a list of CBeerD recipes? Check back soon for a full cocktail book with CBeerD-infused cocktail recipes!

Can I purchase CBeerD in person?

CBeerD is available in a growing number of retail stores. Until we have a complete map on our website, please contact us with your location and we can direct you to the store closest to you.